My Story


I began my love for photography by wearing out my mom's Kodak Instamatic. When after much pleading my father finally bought me a Nikon FG. He told me to go have fun. Well needless to say I have had a lot of fun taking pictures throughout the years.


Even as my first career took me in the corporate direction, I always enjoyed taking pictures. Finally, in 2005 I decided to start doing what I enjoyed the most and evolve my hobby into my second career.


My specialty is photographing people. I like to capture the beauty that every person has - especially the people that say they don't photograph well. Family groups and family events such as weddings are some of my most favorite times to capture the love that exists among family and friends.


I am a Certified Professional Photographer and a member of the Professional Photographers of America. The Professional Photographic Certification Commission currently recognizes less than 2,000 Certified Professional Photographers.


Let me capture your special moments in a photograph that will last forever.